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The privacy details we prepare for our visitors as the site


The records we keep on our site are not hidden from you. Visitors who do not want to keep records can block it from their browsers. maintains the profile statistics for visitors to the site with the log records it holds on the server. These files include general statistical analysis, such as the IP address of your device, the features of the browser you are using, what parts of the site you are navigating, and the pages on which you exit. These log files do not violate your privacy. In other words, these log records are not related to your personal information.


There are many different types of advertising on our site, but the most used advertising company is Google. In order for our site to stay on-air, of course, there are some costs. In order to cover these costs, Google uses the ad service. These ads may contain cookies and cookie information may be collected, which is not relevant to us. These companies collect this information to provide more accurate advertising and product service to users. Users can block the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy.


Visitors sometimes misunderstand when they hear the word cookie. They think the site secretly collects information. No such thing. No information is collected without permission from anyoneOur site uses cookie files to provide faster service and faster service to our visitors. In addition, through the ads on our site, cookie and web beacon may be used to collect ad data. You can manage the use of such files as you wish. You can enable or disable these files from your web browser settings.

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